Excellences from Sicilian parks
at Eataly

The President of the Madonie Park Angelo Pizzuto spoke Friday at the National Council of Federparchi, the body that brings together the governance of all Italian parks and protected areas, at the headquarters of the food giant Eataly in Rome. “The parks today are a major part of the government of the territory – Pizzuto said  – and not only for the leading role in the conservation and protection of the environment, but also the impact on the development and enhancement of our areas of expertise.” The National Council of Federparchi has finally signed an agreement with the owner of Eataly Oscar Farinetti that will bring a “corner” with the best products from major protected Italian areas in hundreds of supermarkets located throughout the country. There will be of course the Madonie Park with its prestigious “slow food” principals and the typical products of the brand “Panierenatura.”

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